Thursday, November 14, 2013

Turbo discovered in space: Black holes not only swallow, spit it ... - ABC Online

you swallow all matter that comes too close. Now researchers have discovered that black holes do not just suck, but also spit: With nearly 200 000 kilometers per second hurl atoms into space. A threat to the Earth

astronomers have black holes elicits an important secret: The gravity monsters fling with her tightly bundled large amounts of atoms, matter-rays into space. That says a team led by María Díaz Trigo of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in the British journal “Nature”. The speed of the jet might be just 200,000 kilometers per second, which is two-thirds the speed of light.

Black holes swallow all matter that comes too close. Before the matter is, however, irretrievably sucked, it accumulates usually in a rapidly rotating disk around the black hole. From this so-called accretion disk matter mighty rays, called jets, straight up and down with many black holes shoot out into space.

With the ICRAR instruments and the European X-ray satellite “XMM-Newton” the researchers were witnesses, as suddenly formed a jet at a newly discovered black hole. The analysis of the radiation from the jets now promoted characteristic spectral lines apparent, unique “fingerprints” of iron and nickel atoms.

is for the earth, meanwhile, no real danger, since there are no black holes in the immediate vicinity of our home planet.

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