Friday, November 15, 2013

Authors against decision: Google may provide millions of books on the Internet - ABC Online

Google has won a surprising victory in the long-running dispute about the scanning of millions of books in the United States. The Group may make digitized books searchable on the Internet. The authors of the decision.

Google may make digitized books searchable on the Internet, a New York judge ruled. The Ruchter on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit from the U.S. Authors’ Guild, which saw in it a breach of copyright. The authors announced immediately to take action against the decision.

“In my opinion, Google Books has significant benefits for the community,” Judge Denny Chin wrote in his ruling. “It speeds up the progress of art and science, while at the same time respects the rights of authors and other creative people.” Same time, the judge emphasized that Google will not sell the scanned books and unwilling to ask for reading.

million books Browse all at once

For the first time millions of books could be searched at once, Chin wrote. The benefits come as scientists. This, however, allowing to locate the works, opened for authors and publishers new revenue sources. Old books were rescued from oblivion. “The whole community benefits.”

2004 Google had begun to scan books in large libraries and make them searchable on the Internet. Here are excerpts, but do not see the complete work. Meanwhile, more than 20 million works have been digitized, according to court documents.

Google Books

In 2005, the U.S. authors and publishers against Google Books complained, even in Germany came with resistance. 2011 failed in a comparison of the parties of the veto of the judge who saw threatened by the compromise proposal competition. 2012 Google put the dispute with the publishers in while the authors received their complaint upright.

In his ruling Judge Chin is based on the common law in the U.S. norm of “fair use”, the “reasonable use”. Google Books not copy the works, it did create something new by the “text in data transformed for use in research.”

The Authors Guild Writers’ Association has said that only the ” first round, “had gone to Google. “We plan to appeal the decision,” said managing director Paul Aiken.

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