Sunday, November 10, 2013

Smoke and sparks: explosion! Flames shoot from iPad Air - ABC Online

Because an iPad Air has exploded, had to be evacuated a Vodafone shop in Canberra. The staff were not able to fight the flames. It was not until the fire department could help.

div in Canberra, Australia, had to be evacuated a Vodafone shop after an iPad Air burst into flames. The Australian reports the portal “”. A spokesman for Vodafone have confirmed that flames were shooting out of the store the connection Vorführgeräts last Wednesday.

Apple refused opinion

The fire brigade had to march up the store was completely filled with smoke and the machine did not stop to spray sparks further reports the portal. Customers or employees of the store were not injured but according to Vodafone.
An employee of Apple has apparently taken the device in order to clarify the cause of the incident, Apple itself had to the Portal does not, however, want to express.

Again and again, fear of overheating

After the launch of the third generation of the iPad last year, there had been reports that the device is partially anfühle warmer than the previous models. Then explained the well-known U.S. magazine test “Consumer Reports”, the new device was noticeably more heated than the iPad 2 At its peak, nearly 46.7 degrees Celsius had been reached.

However, for three quarters of an hour ran continuously for the game “Infinity Blade II” with sophisticated graphics and the iPad was connected to the power outlet for charging. There is a temperature under heavy load often occurs on notebooks. Tests showed, however, that this generation of tablet computer while at high load can be slightly warmer than the iPad 2, but that it is not running excessively hot.

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