Tuesday, November 26, 2013

China's Space Mission "Jade Rabbit" is ready to start - Spiegel Online

China sends in a few days its first lunar rover on Earth’s natural satellite: The vehicle will leave in early December with a rocket to the moon, reported the official news agency Xinhua on Tuesday. A precise date was not mentioned. The space car was named in accordance with the country’s mythology “Yutu” (jade rabbit), it is the next step of an ambitious Chinese space program, which provides for the construction of an unmanned lunar base by 2020


A model of “Yutu” the authorities had presented earlier this month. The vice commander of the lunar program, Li Benzheng, said that the vehicle is to explore three months the moon. The gold-colored vehicle with six wheels and solar wings to roll an impressive speed of up to 200 meters per hour over the moon and can supposedly handle inclines of up to 30 percent. Its name goes back to a white rabbit, the pet of the moon goddess Chang’e. The name had participants selected an Internet survey, reported Xinhua.

rock samples from the moon get

2017 is to return a Chinese spaceship with rock samples from the moon back to earth. The moon flights are part of an ambitious Chinese space program, the 2020 also provides for the construction of its own global navigation system, in addition to the construction of a space station.

Beijing is responsible for the military space program icon for the growing international importance of the country and the scientific and technological catching up with the West. The Russian space program is still far ahead of the Chinese activities. The most ambitious project of China is the deployment of a taikonauts how astronauts are called in China, to the moon. A date for this are not yet available.


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