Saturday, November 30, 2013

Telekom called throttle tariffs no longer "flat rate" - Heise Newsticker

The network operator Telekom wants future, only unlimited DSL flat rates refer to as “flat rate”. The report, the news magazine Focus, and published in Dusseldorf Rheinische Post (Saturday edition), referring to the business community.

The group thus responds to a judgment of the Cologne Regional Court, which had forbidden him to slow down the transmission speed DSL flat rates from a certain data volume used. Telekom will appeal against this procured by the Consumer NRW judgment contrary to initial reactions no appeal, write the two media. The court had on tariffs “Call & Surf” and “Entertain” throttling allowed, since these deals had been sold as “flat rate”.

role reverse: in the future wants to choose their plan names and the contents according to the telecom. Flat-rate tariffs in which all traffic with the monthly subscription is already paid for, is to continue to exist – but at a higher price. Click to enlarge
Picture: AP, Rolf Vennenbernd
In the future, Telekom intends on the one hand DSL tariffs with clearly defined limits the amount of data without the term “flat rate” market. True flat rates with no volume limit, it should continue to be – but at higher prices. “We want to become more transparent and customer-friendly,” says intern

at the Telekom

Ineffective limitations

Klaus Müller, head of the Consumer NRW, saying in the Rheinische Post a “victory for consumers.” Attorney Thomas Bradler other hand criticized the focus, the reaction of the group: “If the only telecom plan throttled DSL contracts will no longer be” flat rate “just to name but different, so that would be legally questionable and certainly not sufficient.” Telekom customers with existing contracts could then continue to insist that a monthly volume limit is ineffective as long as originally booked fare was sold as a flat rate. ( Dpa ) / (bb)

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