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Electronics problem: make Mars rover Curiosity has forced break - Heise Newsticker

Mars rover Curiosity

early August 2012, the enthusiasm was great at NASA: Curiosity happy landed on Mars. Not only the Mars lander called Curiosity, but it is also the name of NASA’s Mars mission. The space capsule launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on 26 November 2011 and ended on 8 August 2012. As planned, the Mars Rover and his lab have begun work diligently and send results back to Earth.

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  • The equipment of the Mars Science Laboratory
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  • a problem with the electronics of the Mars rover Curiosity must be forced to take a break. In the research robot a change in the voltage had been discovered a few days ago, said the U.S. space agency NASA on Wednesday (local time) with. Then the rover was first taken out of service and was currently being investigated.

    The whole thing was just a precaution, said NASA manager Jim Erickson. “The vehicle is safe, stable and fully functional.” The rover rolls for more than a year on the Red Planet to search for signs of previous life.

    NASA this week sent the Maven probe to Mars to explore the atmosphere there. In September, she will reach her goal. From the data of about 670 million dollars (about 500 million euros) expensive mission, the researchers hope to insights on how it came about, that develop or maintain no life on Mars could.

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