Monday, November 25, 2013

Apple buys developer of the Kinect-thumb controls - Spiegel Online

New York – Apple is investing in movement control: The iPhone-Group purchased the company PrimeSense, from whom the Kinect system for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console. Apple confirmed the deal, the “Financial Times” and “All Things D”. The price lies at 360 million dollars (265 million euros), both media wrote on the night of Monday, citing informed people.

The Israeli company PrimeSense technology for motion control Kinect had supplied for the Xbox 360. Here, cameras and sensors detect the movements and positions of players. The Kinect version for the recently launched new console Xbox One Microsoft itself has developed.

PrimeSense worked meanwhile working to make its technology more compact. The new sensor called Capri fits into smartphones and tablets. It can not only detect motion, but should also serve as a 3-D scanner -., Or as collision warning system for people who are looking at her cell phone while walking

conceivable uses are to be versatile: Apple could with the sensors improve the operation of its television set-top box Apple TV. The control games with gestures seems to make sense. iPhone and iPad are popular game consoles, even if the Around tap the screen to play games that interferes with the view.

Another company a thumb remote control for Windows and Mac computers has already developed: Leap Motion called the finger-sized box, which you should be positioned in front of the screen. The sensors then detect hand and finger movements. According groomed software can be so controlled with gestures.

Apple has bought in the past few years various companies to improve its devices and services. Thus the technology for the fingerprint scanner in the new iPhone 5s and the voice control Siri from outside came. Apple bought to, inter alia, in chips, memory technology and mapping services.


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