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Comet Lovejoy occurs against Ison at

weal and woe of the comet Ison decides on Thursday night. But there Lovejoy: The comet can be traced to the end of the year even with the naked eye


weal and woe of the comet Ison decides on Thursday night. But there Lovejoy: The comet can be traced to the end of the year even with the naked eye


addition to the comet Ison is currently considering another comet on the earthly night sky: Comet Lovejoy is expected to be seen until the end of the year with the binoculars under good conditions, even with the naked eye, such as the Astronomy Portal reported.

The comet, which was discovered in early September by the Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy in the morning is high in the eastern sky and travels from the constellation of the Hunting Dogs – directly below the Big Dipper – the constellation Bootes (the boat).

Comet Lovejoy had actual sightings According formed a long tail of gas and see Ison confusingly similar, reports the Astronomy Portal. The comet with the official catalog number C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) revolves on its highly elliptical orbit once in 346 years of the sun and is closest to the Sun on 22 Reached in December.

hunting through the outskirts

Unlike comet Lovejoy approaches the sun Ison is only about 120 million kilometers. This corresponds to about 80 percent of the distance from the earth to the sun. His perigee has Lovejoy on 20 November with nearly 60 million kilometers distance happens.

If Ison flies by on Thursday against 20 clock in the sun, his fate will be decided: he could flyby successfully survive, but also break or evaporate


U.S. scientists disagree whether the comet will survive its passage sun. “Many of us believe that it will break,” the U.S. comet expert Carey Lisse said in a press conference, the U.S. space agency NASA.

drama in the morning sky possible

Some researchers estimate that even with the complete destruction of the comet. Other scientists continue to see hung Lisse According chances that Ison is on the orbit of the sun.

Should Ison survive his sun passage, the comet is expected in early December offering a magnificent spectacle in the morning sky. Further information about the current state of the possible advent comet should provide pictures of the solar probe Soho.

Jose Gabriel Funes (50), Chief of the papal observatory at the Vatican, however, has its own image of Ison: “These are beautiful moments because they remind us that we are all a bit astronomers, “Funes said in an interview with Vatican Radio:” It will take some time until Christmas, but of course he can to the Star of Bethlehem think “


mixture of ice and rock

The Funes also can not escape by his own admission: “It is an indication of the beauty of creation, something that tells of the beauty of the Creator and bring us to to make us on the way, “said the Argentine scientist and Jesuit.

comets like Ison consist of a mixture of ice and rock, and are therefore also referred to as dirty snowballs.

So one must well imagine the Chiemgau comet whose impact 465 BC destroyed settlements in the vicinity of 3200 square kilometers and killed tens of thousands.

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