Friday, November 15, 2013

Showdown in the Console War: Sony's crashing Answer: The PS4 in the test - ABC Online

Sony presents in console battle and today brings its Playstation 4 in the U.S. market. German fans have still to 29 November patience. ABC Online reveals in a first test of whether it is worth waiting.

For American Playstation fans today is a holiday: The Playstation 4 (PS4) has its market launch in the U.S. – about seven years after the release of the Playstation 3 and a week after the launch of the Xbox One. A week later, the console will come in Japan. German fans have still to 29 November wait before they can buy Sony’s new console.

The Playstation 4 occurs at a difficult legacy. After initial difficulties, the predecessor became a real bestseller – if the competition from Microsoft could not be outdone. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are in sales of around 80 million copies sold on the same. The Playstation 4 is to modify the Xbox and one can not have a chance so now. Experts expect initial forecasts a head-to-head race. It is estimated that by year-end Sony have the nose slightly ahead: Analysts expect worldwide with 2.4 million sold Playstation 4, compared with 2.2 million Xbox One


beneficiaries of Microsoft’s series of mishaps

combat the new generation of Sony’s console as far as a point winner. Who will emerge as the winner from this will not become known until after the start of sales of the two consoles. A considerable part of the “advertising” for the PS4 took over the promotional phase of all Microsoft: Again and again had the Xbox manufacturer concessions to potential buyers flock make. Online compulsion and an overly curious Kinect camera were not good.

Compared with the breakdown series of Microsoft, Sony held legally harmless. However, every now and then came the Playstation 4 in the criticism: Sun reported various media reports suggest that an express permission for the resale of used games is necessary in the current software usage conditions. Critics interpret these clauses as a disguised restriction. However, a Sony spokesman said that the company does not restrict when dealing with used software and nothing has changed to the earlier announcements of the company.

An Ace Sony has definitely its sleeve. Priced at 399 euros the Playstation 4 will cost a whopping 100 euros less than the Xbox One (€ 499)

ABC Online could be a first give impression of the hardware and the new Playstation games and presents the results on the following pages.

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