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19 November 2013 23:33

class=”article What Google can not collect data about its users and what are they? Consumer advocates saw the rights of consumers to the contractual provisions unduly restricted. Therefore, they have sued the online giants – and won, at least for now


consumer advocates have prevailed in the first instance with a lawsuit against various points of use and privacy policy of Google. The Berlin Regional Court declared unlawful for a total of 25 clauses, such as the Consumer Federation (vzbv) announced. They were formulated too vaguely or have unduly restricted the rights of consumers.

Google had reserved in the Privacy Statement, among other things, the law, “may” capture device-specific information and location data or “may” to combine personal data from various Google services together, explained vzbv Board Gerd Billen. For consumers remained unclear what exactly they should give their consent, he criticized. Furthermore, personal data collected would also be active without consent, can be analyzed and processed.

vzbv emphasized in his message that he could proceed only against invalid data processing terms, if these were counted as part of the terms and conditions. Otherwise, the consumer centers under current law lacks a redress mechanism. The future Federal government should therefore create “an advanced standing,” demanded Billen.

Google therefore believes that consumer advocates are not entitled to appeal against the privacy provisions, because they just were not part of the terms and conditions. In the twelve affected use provisions are intended, inter alia, the right of Google to remove applications from one device and adjust functions of services. “We will appeal against the verdict. We are convinced that our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy in accordance with the relevant laws are,” said a Google spokesman.

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