Monday, November 18, 2013

Problems with Playstation 4: No Image: Shoppers complain of defective consoles - ABC Online

Hardly the Playstation 4 is on the market, the complaints pile up: Some consoles HDMI output is processed incorrectly. The console is flashing blue, the screen remains black. The problem has a nickname: “Blue Pulse of Death”

The launch of the new Playstation 4 in America was very successful for Sony. Over a million copies of the console, the Group was able to sell in the first 24 hours . In many a buyer, however, the euphoria disappeared shortly after purchase: The console flashed blue, the screen remained black. Reason for the problem was a manufacturing problem which is implicated in the image HDMI output, such as the Internet portal “” writes.

Due to an error in the processing of the connected HDMI cable will be damaged, making the console refuse their service . A small piece of metal stand off and thus marring the contacts. Sony already knows of the problem and examine it. However, are affected only 0.4 percent of the delivered equipment – but this was in the number of consoles sold a significant number of users

.Sony itself could little to the problem, the production of the consoles and thus also the HDMI output not were taking place on the ground in Japan, but would be done by contract manufacturers such as Foxconn and their suppliers, such as “” further reported. However, many buyers were furious that have been reflected in numerous negative reviews of Kosole and some YouTube videos.

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