Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hundreds of thousands of online data stolen: Anonymous hackers Hammond has ... - ABC Online

hundreds of thousands of online accounts Jeremy Hammond has cracked from the hacker group Anonymous: But the 28-year-old claims that his knowledge did not use to their advantage – especially Wikileaks benefited. Nevertheless it a U.S. court has now sentenced to ten years in prison.

div Because hackers condemned on Friday the 28-year-old Jeremy Hammond to ten years in prison by a federal court in New York. The indictment described hacking as a “serious offense with damaging consequences for the victims.” The activist hacker group Anonymous had pleaded guilty in May to be entered into the computer consulting firm Stratfor, 2011. Emails and account information of Stratfor around 860 000 customers came into the hands of as Hammond and his hacker accomplices.Also, attacks on the U.S. federal police went to Hammond’s account accordingly. The group initiated data to the Wikileaks revelations. In addition, he and his colleagues procured the data of 60, 000 credit card users. According to the indictment were the cards moved more than $ 700,000 (519 000 euros).

In a statement, Hammond described his actions in court as “civil disobedience”. He had to have been aware that he had acted illegally. But he was convinced that it was “his duty”, his skills and knowledge against “injustice” and “truth” to use.

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