Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Snowden documents 1,000 hackers infected 50,000 computers ... - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© AFP Vergrößern The NSA headquarters at Fort Meade in Maryland

The American NSA has 50,000 computer networks around the world contaminated with virus programs to spy on secret data. The reports the Dutch newspaper “NRC Handelsblad”, citing documents of the former American intelligence employee Edward Snowden.

These attacks were therefore performed by a special division called “Tailored Access Operations” (TAO). In this department have worked over 1,000 hackers on behalf of American intelligence should.

In August, the “Washington Post” reported on the NSA-TAO, at that time was 20,000 compromised computer systems by 2008 the speech. By 2012, the number of attacks according to the information of the Dutch newspaper that is 50,000 more than doubled.

Documents supplied by Snowden show infected networks in Venezuela and Brazil. The virus programs can be controlled from the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade American and activated at any time. Such activities include information after the “Washington Post” since 1998, the program of the NSA.

British intelligence agency GCHQ is trying to get in this way of information. Thus, in September that GCHQ had introduced over several years infected software into the network of the Belgian telecommunications company Belgacom.

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1,000 hackers infected 50,000 computer networks for NSA

New Snowden documents

1,000 hackers infected 50,000 computer networks for NSA


order to spy on secret data, the NSA has infected 50,000 computer networks across the globe with virus programs.

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