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Playstation 4 in the test: So far, only foreplay - STERN.DE

 Playstation 4, Sony, test console

available from Friday in Germany – Sony Playstation 4 ©

L gamers have been waiting for this moment: Finally hold the controller of the new Playstation 4 in the hands and go gamble. The glossy black console looks with its beveled design just great. But can convince even the most power? stern.de could the Playstation 4 extensively test and examine how the console hits in practice.

While Microsoft Xbox One extols as the ultimate all-in-one device for the living room, Sony wants to appeal to gamers – and advertises the Playstation 4 as the ultimate gaming experience. “We put it all behind us, what consoles have done so far,” promises Marketing Manager Zoran Roso talking to stern.de . All this is offered at Sony for 399 €. A fight price, which is 100 euros under the Xbox One. As of Friday, the console is in this country on the shelves.

A real powerhouse

performance that can not be heard, but seen and felt – that could be the motto of the Playstation 4. Under the hood lies concentrated high-tech Power: An AMD eight-core processor paired with a Radeon graphics card and eight gigabytes of memory make the Playstation 4 times more powerful than its predecessor. Here, the chic case is only 27.5 inches wide, 5.3 inches high and 30.5 inches long. Especially nice: The entire power supply is built into the console, no bulky power strip littered the living room. A replaceable 500-gigabyte hard drive and a Blu-Ray player are also included.

Of all the performance of the players noticed at first. The Playstation 4 purrs quietly after the start in front of him. While playing the noise level increases while, however at no time is troublesome. For calls on the computing power elsewhere its toll: The console is very hot and must be placed strictly in a well-ventilated place. A built-in cupboard should therefore be saved.

The current game titles for the Playstation 4 can only imagine the potential of the console. Especially the short loading times illustrate the processing power of the Playstation 4 In our test, we could, among other things the shooter “Killzone: Shadow case ‘play

, the Jump-and-run game” snap “and the action adventure” Black Flag Assassin’s Creed 4 “.

The graph rises as expected from previous consoles from, but does not set new standards. The launch blockbuster “Killzone” perfect for deployment physics effects such as breaking glass or fully destructible walls, but the capabilities of the hardware does not irritate out. The multi-platform game “Assassin’s Creed 4″ was improved textures and supplementary effects such as denser smoke, which can block the view at sea battles, souped up. Overall, the launch titles remain at the level of a well-equipped gaming PCs. A selling point is not the starting track. Games of the Playstation 3 can be on the new console will not play, but used Playstation 4 games will work fine.

 Playstation 4, Sony, test console

Elegant design, good performance, and a newly designed controllers are features of the Playstation 4 ©

I know what you played last Monday

Also for the Playstation 4 there is a modern 3D camera in the style of Kinect. However, this is not part of the basic equipment to be purchased separately and must be for around 60 euros. For this is the console can then be controlled with voice commands. The camera was not available for our test, so we could not get a picture of the functions. The streaming feature of the console we could not try it. According to the manufacturer it should be possible to stream games via wifi on a PS Vita and so also to gamble away from the sofa. At the same time you can using a smartphone or tablet app purchase games on the go, so that they are immediately available on the console later.

places great value Sony on social networks. A dedicated button on the controller allows it to spread screenshots of the current game on Facebook and Twitter quickly and easily. Even short video clips can be edited using the Share button and shared on the streaming platforms “Twitch” and “UStream”. Too bad: The release home videos on Youtube does not support the Playstation 4 currently


whom it is not enough to look at the playful peak performance of his friends after the fact, can turn live as an observer in games. The last 15 minutes of a game draws the console on an ongoing basis and displays it on the user’s desire for friends in real time. Sony assures that the images are visible only to selected individuals and only after the user’s confirmation. After leaving the game, the recording will be deleted immediately.

precise control, high power consumption

The Share button is not the only new feature that Sony has missed the controller. He is weighing 210 grams comfortably in the hand and provides precise control. Not quite as accurate does the new touchpad: In “Assassin’s Creed 4″ around the map control only reacts very slowly with the touchpad. With the analog sticks can be easier and faster to navigate. In the command menu of “Kill Zone” can the select commands using pad more precisely, but even here the D-pad is faster. The location of the touch pad in the center of the controller makes it difficult to finger exercise, to give orders, which can quickly have the virtual death in the heat of battle. Here the games developers have to even think of something to better exploit the possibilities of the integrated touchpad.

Succeeded is the speaker on the top of the controller. Sound effects such as radio messages or conversations heard in front of the player and provide a denser atmosphere. Also the connecting headphones or a headset directly to the controller is possible. Another novelty in the hands of the player is the light bar on the front of the controller. You should allow an improved detection by the camera and displays with different colors, which controller to which player belongs. This turns out to be fast as energy guzzlers: A mere eight hours the battery lasts. Subsequently, the controller must be connected to the console.

 Playstation 4, Sony, test console

High power consumption: after only eight hours of colorful glowing controller is empty ©

game console rather than entertainment center

The Playstation 4 has numerous entertainment features, but the turn out not quite as extensive as in the Xbox One. “We have focused on the players,” said Roso. The offer from Sony still has everything that is necessary for the entertainment in the living room. In addition to the Blu-Ray player and video streams over Watch Ever, Lovefilm or max cathedrals can be retrieved. Music lovers are, however, complain that the console does not recognize audio CDs. Sony has over stern.de announced, however, to file the support for MP3 files in a later update. The connection of external hard drives support the console is not so, for example, watching a recent vacation pictures is not possible.

particularly weak: The transfer of videos, music and pictures via WiFi is not supported by the new console, because it required DLNA protocol is not supported. This service is offered even the older Playstation 3 Here, too, wants to repair the Sony soon – when is not yet known. As a home entertainment center the Playstation 4, therefore, is only good bit. The strengths of the console are very clear in the games.

Conclusion: Even gamers should wait

Overall, the anticipation was entitled: Sony beat faster with the Playstation Gamer 4 hearts. It’s a shame that for the launch barely Games highlights are available. The launch titles can however already guess what the console can. Since the real firecrackers will appear later, it is worth something to wait with the purchase.

Especially the cheap price speaks for the Playstation 4 Even with bought-camera the console is cheaper than the Xbox One. For this, customers need to compromise on the multimedia capabilities make: Without DLNA support, to exclude the possibility of external hard drives and play audio CDs, the scope of home entertainment is very limited. Who but a good looking game console, which can occasionally be used for watching movies via Blu-Ray, or stream, you should resort to the Playstation 4.


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