Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bedouin in the Sahara Fund: Four billion years old meteorite comes from ... - ABC Online

The stone of the Red Planet was created 4.4 billion years ago, as a study has shown in a U.S. laboratory. Researchers led by Munir Humayun from Florida State University in Tallahassee present the analysis of rare Funds in the British journal “Nature”.

The meteorite NWA 7533 with the catalog number is thus slightly younger than our solar system itself, and probably the first identified specimen from the pristine southern highlands of Mars. “This cratered terrain has long been the key to birth and early youth suspected of Mars,” Humayun explained in a notice of his college.

Fund allows investigation of Mars-growth

“We now know that Mars has formed a crust in the first 100 million years after the start of planet formation and that the Martian crust is formed simultaneously with the oldest crust of the earth and the moon.”


the meteorite funds for the first time, researchers can examine the early growth of the Martian crust. They found inside the stone zircon crystals, which are probably caused by re-melting the first Martian crust.

addition, the stone provides evidence of early differentiation of the Martian crust, as the authors write. This suggests that early in the history of the Red Planet large amounts of volatile gases were released from the soil into the atmosphere. This in turn arise according to the researchers clues to the early climate of Mars and its potential importance for life.

Mars in 3D

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