Sunday, November 24, 2013

Smartphones from Lenovo: Manufacturer from China wants to conquer the German market - N24

computer from Lenovo have an excellent reputation. The Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, however, so far in this country, hardly anyone knows. A new sales team is now to shake up the market.


The Chinese PC maker Lenovo is entering Germany in the smartphone business. “In the next financial year, we expect this country to the starting line,” said Germany boss Stefan Engel the “Handelsblatt”. Lenovo has risen in recent years, the third-largest provider of Internet-capable mobile phones worldwide. The Group has sold the device only in its home market of China and other emerging markets such as Indonesia and Russia.

So far there was no distribution system for smart phones

The Chinese have it according to the report missed so far to build a distribution for the new business. His notebooks and PCs, the Group from the electronics trade. Smartphones, however, are offered in Western Europe especially by the network operators. Therefore, it needs a new sales team. The contacts to the telecom companies should the company build in the next few months now, Angel said. Still am not exactly clear when the smartphone sales in Germany start, Angel said. There is yet to be determined number of organizational issues.

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