Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Telekom thinned, flat rates from - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Long went the argument about whether the German Telekom may throttle their Internet connections. In October, the Cologne Regional Court

decided and forbade Deutsche Telekom to slow down the transmission speed DSL flat rates from a certain data volume used.

Now Telekom has apparently decided to back down. The Group will not appeal, reported the “Rheinische Post” and the “Focus”. As a result of the court decision, Telekom will in future only be unrestricted DSL flat rates refer to as “flat rate”, wrote the “Rheinische Post”, referring to the business community.

Now Telekom intends loud “Rhenish Post” in the future on the one hand market DSL tariffs with clearly defined limits on a unthrottled available data volume. On the other hand, it should continue to give real flat rates, but at higher prices. “We want to become more transparent and customer-friendly,” it says according to the report at Telekom internally According to “Focus” which the term “flat rate” DSL prices with volume limit should be removed as early as December.

The plaintiff had

the Consumer Association of North Rhine-Westphalia. She argued that the company had advertised its tariffs as “Internet Flatrate” and must provide an “up to” speed. A subsequent throttling was then a “unreasonable disadvantage of customers.” The recognition of the judgment by the telecom designated the head of the Consumer NRW, Klaus Müller, in the “Rheinische Post” as “a victory for consumers.”

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Telekom thinned, flat rates from


Telekom thinned, flat rates from


Can the telecom throttle the speed of Internet flat rates? No, a court ruled. Now Deutsche Telekom wants to give. She calls the tariffs will no longer “flat rate”. The term is completely abolished but not.

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