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Defeat in court - apparently wants to choke telecom tariffs no longer "flat rate ... - Sü

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30 November 2013 14:13

A court had ruled that the term “flat rate” and a throttling of the surfing speed are mutually exclusive. The Telekom reportedly now responded with a renaming of the corresponding tariffs. However, consumer advocates is not enough.

The German Telekom will reportedly DSL flat rates no more than “flat rate” denote volume limit. Thereby following a judgment of the Cologne Regional Court, which had banned the group to slow down the transmission speed DSL flat rates from a certain data volume used. The Telekom waive an appeal against the judgment of the end of October, report the Rheinische Post (Saturday edition) and the news magazine Focus , citing the business community. With the abandonment of the term flat rate, Telekom could thus want to save their controversial decelerator in the fixed-line Internet.

Telekom spokesman declined to comment on the reports on Saturday. He referred to a planned for Monday press conference with Germany’s board Niek Jan van Damme. DT wants to then explain how they continued to work after the Cologne judgment. The court had the firm for a “flat rate” sold prices “Call & Surf” and “Entertain” prohibits the throttling.

“We want to become more transparent and customer-friendly”

DT wants reported to future market on the one hand DSL tariffs with clearly defined limits in data volume for unbraked connections. True flat rates with no volume limit there is to be continued – albeit at higher prices. “We want to become more transparent and customer-friendly”, it is stated internally

at the Telekom

The recognition of the judgment by the telecom designated the head of the Consumer NRW, Klaus Müller, in the Rheinische Post Although as a “victory for consumers.” The attorney for the Consumer, Thomas Brandler, however, said the Focus, Telecom customers should continue to insist that a monthly volume limit is ineffective as long as originally booked fare was sold as a flat rate.

The plans of telecom for a restriction of the surfing speed had caused a stir, the company has been derided as “Drosselkom”. Who exceed a certain volume of data a month, should then be only significantly slower in the network on the go. CEO René Obermann had justified the plans, among others, with huge investments for the expansion of broadband networks that have to be earned back. Critics saw net neutrality at risk.

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source and arranger: Sü / AFP / dpa / sks / jst

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