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17 November 2013 20:24

Sony had recently made heavy losses. The Japanese now hope that the new Playstation throughout the Group brings an upswing.

(Photo: AFP )

$ 399 for a black box: One million copies of the Playstation 4 of the Japanese electronics company Sony were shortly after its launch in the U.S. and Canada over the counters. Time for Christmas is supposed to be in Europe to have the games console.

The Japanese electronics giant Sony has cracked the mark of one million devices shortly after launch its new PlayStation in North America. In the first 24 hours the game console was often sold according to the U.S. and Canada, the company said on Sunday.

Since 15

November is the Playstation 4 for 399 dollars in the U.S. in trade, Europe and Latin America, it’s the end of the month in time for Christmas yet going on. Shortly before the new Xbox from Microsoft competitor will be available. It costs $ 499.

Sony has set itself the goal of five million Playstation 4 for sale until the end of the fiscal year in March. The Japanese hoped that a successful Games Console supports the entire group. Until the end of October, the company had conceded its profit targets for the year, according to a quarterly loss.

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