Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snowden documents: NSA infected 50,000 networks with monitoring ... - TIME ONLINE

Using Malware has for years monitored thousands of networks the NSA. In addition, the Secret Service should have tried to infiltrate supplier of encryption technology.

The American NSA software has been installed worldwide in more than 50,000 computer networks to steal sensitive data. The reports the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad , citing documents of Edward Snowden.

A presentation of executives from 2012 show how the NSA supply them with information. The secret use “Computer Network Exploitation” (CNE), a procedure that is secretly installed in computer systems in which malware. This had happened in over 50,000 networks.


computer attacks are at NSA of the Division TAO (Tailored Access Operations) led to work in the more than 1,000 hackers. Internet operations have become increasingly important in recent years for the NSA. The computer hacking is not expensive and at the same time effectively.

The presentation of 2012 shows how the NSA in countries such as Venezuela and Brazil working with CNE: The installed malware is often active for years without being detected. It can be from the NSA with a push of a button on and off. Since 1998, the NSA works with CNE, as the Washington Post reports.

“Golden Age of Surveillance”

Meanwhile, reports the New York Times of the future plans that the NSA before Snowden had revelations. According to a five-page paper from 2012, which includes a four-year plan, wanted to expand his power on the secret. This would require “legal authorities are aggressively pursuing” and a political framework to be established, the better fit to the information age.

applicable United States laws do not meet the needs of the NSA for a wide monitoring. These were the “Golden Age of SIGINT”, ie the memo information retrieval, obsolete.

The NSA also had the goal of encryption techniques circumvent or decrypt. This should be influenced by a “commercial relations”, human spies and intelligence partners in other countries of the “global commercial market of encryption techniques.”

addition, the analysis of the data should be “revolutionized” to reach the masses of data a “radical increase in operating success”.

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