Sunday, November 10, 2013

Perfidious Espionage method: British intelligence falsifies LinkedIn profiles - ABC Online

New records of Edward Snowden reveal the methods of the British secret intelligence agency GCHQ. This uses fake profiles in the business network LinkedIn to spy on mobile communications provider.

British intelligence agency GCHQ uses a report of the Hamburg magazine “Der Spiegel” According manipulated copies of pages the business online network LinkedIn to gain access to the computers of the target population.

In this way, the agency has lost about infiltrated the computers of employees of parastatal Belgian telecommunications company Belgacom, reported the “mirror” on Sunday, citing documents former U.S. intelligence employee Edward Snowden.

GCHQ attacks targeted computer systems

According to the preliminary report of the British secret service attack targeted the computer systems of companies that act in the international mobile business as a service provider for other providers -. Approximately billing company as Mach, on many mobile operators manage their roaming business

his attacks have the GCHQ a method called ” Quantum Insert “used to prefabricate deeply into corporate networks. The Secret Service had procured as detailed knowledge of the company Mach, its communication infrastructure, and business and several key people, says aloud “mirror” in a “top secret” classified GCHQ paper.

OPEC targeted by GCHQ and NSA

To “mirror” request declared LinkedIn, the company is not cheap, if its “wrong platform or LinkedIn profiles are used as described.” “To put it bluntly:. We would never condone such activity, regardless what purpose it serves, and were not even aware of the alleged activity” A spokesman for Star Home Mach, a Mach-successor company, told the magazine that it would ” ., with immediate effect a comprehensive safety inspection “started

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC is headquartered in Vienna, according to the report twice in sight: Both, GCHQ and the NSA as they led reconnaissance objective. According to a secret document GCHQ it was in 2010 by the “Quantum insert” method managed to infiltrate the computers of nine OPEC employees. The NSA succeeded, according to U.S. documents even to penetrate into the working area of ??OPEC Secretary-General also NSA employees had the Saudi Arabian OPEC governor spied.

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