Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Space Mission of the People's Republic of China: "Jadehase" to the moon ... - N24

China is the first time an unmanned vehicle to send to the moon. Three months should it explore Earth’s natural satellite and drive the ambitious space program of the People’s Republic.


China wants mid-December for the first time end up with a moon vehicle on the Earth’s satellite. The vice commander of the lunar program, Li Benzheng, divided according to the official news agency Xinhua in Beijing that the “Jadehase” (Yutu) said vehicle for three months to explore the moon. It was named in an online survey by the favorite animal of the Chinese Moon Goddess “Chang’e”, which has already borrowed the Chinese lunar probe her name.

The spaceship “Chang’e 3″ to start in the unmanned flight to the moon in early December. An exact date was not mentioned. In the following, the last phase of the 2017 current three-stage lunar program will also return with rock samples from the moon back to earth a Chinese spacecraft. The moon flights are part of an ambitious Chinese space program, the 2020 also provides for the construction of its own global navigation system, in addition to the construction of a space station.

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