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A Motorola Moto G for the masses - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© Motorola Vergrößern The new model Moto G

In a survey should speak to passers-American mobile phone manufacturer Motorola. They have a unit of this brand? How is the image estimate? This – of course not representative – was devastating result on the road: Yes, Motorola has made great phones times. But now you’ve likely Apple and Samsung in the bag. Who is reminded at Motorola to Nokia, is not wrong. Like the Finns, Americans were once a large number.

founded in 1928 and successfully in the automotive early days as a car radio manufacturers, brought the electronics company 30 years ago with the DynaTAC, the first mobile phone on the market. Motorola played both technically and fashionably long in the front line. The company built the first clamshell phone, and the thin Razr models were bestsellers. With Apple’s introduction of the iPhone Motorola announced then the fate of many competitors. Paragraphs fell, they found no answer to the impending smartphone boom.

The company was eventually split, and 2012 verleibte Google for $ 12.5 billion to a mobile division. For months nothing was heard from Motorola, to the company in the spring of the new upper class device Moto X imagined – with English success. In a quarter to 500,000 units have been sold, analysts estimate. Samsung sold in good months, more than 10 million units of its flagship model Galaxy S4.

The second impact is to run better. On Wednesday, Motorola unveiled the Moto G in Sao Paulo – a device with which one wants to tie back to ancient times. Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside, Google’s longtime manager, made in an interview with this newspaper shows that the G Moto Google is not any new phone. For comparison, Apple’s iPhone already has to serve. Listeners come at the end of Woodside’s eulogies automatically to the conclusion that it can absorb the G Moto practically in any discipline with Apple. The 4.5-inch display is larger than that of the iPhone and supposedly the “sharpest in its class”, the quad-core processor from Qualcomm rapidly.

Moto Moto X G is after the second product from Motorola since its acquisition by Google. At that time they had a close look at the market, especially the price level of the mobile devices, Motorola says the boss. And this is where you want to attack the competition. The industrial consumers leave a bad choice, is Woodside. Either they would have with small screens, slow processors and poor older software live on devices in the lower price segment.

Or they are forced to buy an outdated top mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy S2 – now the second successor is already on the market. “That’s a pretty unfair way to deal with consumers who can not spend so much money.” Says the marketing Google technically trained man. And, not surprisingly, Google is different from the competitors: “We have built a phone that is as should be a Smartphone 2014.” And at a quarter of the iPhone price: In Germany, the on of the coming week available Moto G cost just 169 euros. Now the search engine company much, but not the laws of economics can be repealed.

Amazon and its Kindle tablets specialists have calculated that with regard to the pricing hardly a profit should remain. But that was not bad because Amazon have business with the “software” do, with books and music. A similar idea is likely to follow Google. With the motto of the group G binds the Android ecosystem to its customers and ultimately to the Google world. At least Motorola will tend to attract more customers than Google’s smartphone and tablet Nexus brand.

aimed at Android more, according to Woodside professionals, while the Moto G to reach a very wide audience: “The opportunities for this product are really great.” Finally, would next year around the world 1.2 billion smartphones sold, of which half a billion low in price to 200 euros. Sales forecasts, it may be none, just as much: “We are pretty confident that this product could sell very well.”

The competition course has also been recognized that in developing countries, many people live, the 5S an iPhone or a Galaxy S4 can not afford. Market leader Samsung itself has a number of cheaper smartphones in the program, with its stacks Nokia Asha series priced pretty low, and that seems good to arrive. These customer groups will be taking on the Moto G for themselves. The company seems like hell to success: So far Motorola is only for Google is an expensive millstone


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Moto Headline Shorts G: A Motorola for the masses

Moto G

A Motorola for the masses

From Thiemo Heeg

Motorola played technically and fashionably long in the front line. After the takeover by Google, it was quiet around the company. The new mobile phone Moto G to revive the former cult brand again.

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