Friday, November 15, 2013

Lawsuit against Google Books failed after 8 years - WinFuture

Law, Policy & EU In the ongoing eight years litigation to the service Google Books, there is now a choice: Google has acted completely legal under U.S. law, as it has digitized books and excerpts published .

Denny Chin, Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, rejected the claim of the author Authors Guild Association, the search engine company with its offer would violate the copyright. This was touched on the matter though, but Google handle under the fair use principle that allows limited use of works without permission of the author in certain cases.

According to Chin the search engine company’m quite respectful of the rights of authors and other stakeholders in order, while Google Books disclosing to the other great possibilities for art and science. After all, here are thousands of works that are available in libraries usually printed on paper, full-text searchable and readable even in extracts.

Google had started his project in 2004. A little later attracted the Authors Guild and other organizations to court and tried to stop the digitization of books. After eight years of struggle, already failed several times in attempts settled out of court, it was found in accordance with Google’s pleased with the decision.

However, the dispute is not over yet so completely. Because the judge pointed to initially only the direction in which his decision is basically. Up to a final judgment are still many details to be clarified: From how far the fair use principles in the case just extend, to the allocation of costs. In addition, the Authors Guild want to appeal the decision again probably has already indicated.

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