Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Microsoft suggests online advertising and card technology los – Frankenpost

Microsoft delivers the majority of its business with online advertising at the Internet company AOL.

This will continue for Microsoft in nine countries doing business with banner ads and video ads and advertising on mobile Manage devices and sell, the companies said after US market close. These include platforms such as MSN, Outlook, Skype and apps in nine countries, including the US, UK or Germany.

In turn, Microsoft’s search engine Bing is used for ten years for AOL. Unlike the online advertising business Bing is well positioned, according to Microsoft executives Rik van der Kooi. It is a “multi-million dollar business,” the bear himself, Kooi said the blog “Marketing Country ‘.

While Microsoft gives up with the realignment, the advertising business up on display in its search engine, AOL gaining more weight in the competition with rivals such as Google, Yahoo or Facebook. The Internet company has just been taken over by the telecom giant Verizon. According to information from the financial service Bloomberg and the “Wall Street Journal” also about 1,200 Microsoft employees to switch to AOL.

At the same time Microsoft gets out of data collection from for its own digital maps. Of benefit to the controversial car service Uber-agent. The start-up takes over selected technology for street shooting and 3D images, a computer center as well as cameras and several patents, such as Microsoft confirmed among other things the “Wall Street Journal” and the technology blog “Recode”. The data for Microsoft’s Bing Maps will in future come from partners and are connected with the company to a finished product. According to reports, around 100 employees of Microsoft will switch to Uber. What price the area is to go to Uber, was not disclosed.

Uber were already rumored ambitions, the map service from Nokia to purchase to which the German carmaker Audi, Daimler and BMW will be interested. Nokia with its service Here for some years an important data provider for Microsoft’s mapping services. After-billion acquisition of smartphone business of the Finnish company by Microsoft – still under the leadership of Steve Ballmer – Nadella had however brought the dismantling of 18 000 jobs on the way. The equipment business has now been merged with the Windows division.

“cards are the heart of what makes Uber big,” said spokeswoman Kristin Carvell Uber-the financial news agency Bloomberg. Uber need cards for billing of rides on smartphones. In addition, the company is researching new delivery services and self-propelled vehicles that rely on high-precision maps. The deal could help to become more independent of technologies from Google and Apple Uber, writes the “Wall Street Journal”.


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