Monday, June 1, 2015

“The serious subject of technology is with tongue in cheek easier” –

High crest Castle in Upper Bavaria. Outside are 14 brand new Ford Mustang in the sun, indoors speaks marketing and sales chief Wolfgang Kopplin on the Mustang, the Van-offensive and the successes.

Of course, the Mustang was last Wednesday in the center of interest. For the first time Ford sold his cult car in Europe. And the interest in the sports car classic in the old continent is large. Since March, the pony car is ordered. 3400 orders have already been received, 1800 of them from Germany alone. But the Mustang is not the only model, with which the US manufacturers with German tradition in the local market wants points. In the coming weeks, the S-MAX, the C-MAX and the new Focus ST Diesel roles in trade. They should promote the product and technology offensive of Ford further strengthen the image and the currently good development of the brand long term. This could well succeed. Firstly, Ford has erhahlten in recent weeks in various 100,000 km endurance tests every top marks. On the other hand slowly recovering sales. In the first quarter, the increase was just under 7 percent. The really neat thing ran in April. Here the brand achieved with 21,755 cars sold the best value for 10 years. That’s an increase of nearly 13 percent over the previous year. The Group’s success also other factors, such as Wolfgang Kopplin explained in an interview with horizon:

The democratization of technologies:

“We can not just technology, but it is suitable for everyday use with us . What good is the perfect gap and the perfect Abnaht on the steering wheel when the car is not more than 100,000 km without failure is ready This differentiates us? And. We currently have the largest selection of realistic, affordable and relevant technologies This enables our customers. already partially autonomous driving – in all classes, such as when a Mondeo voluntarily his driver warns of fatigue or the new Ford Focus switched independently and ausparkt or ‘looking around the corner’ ‘.

“We currently have the largest selection of realistic, affordable and relevant technologies. This allows our customers already partially autonomous driving “

Wolfgang Kopplin

The creation:

” We want new technologies always with a ‘Human Touch’ imagine without that we want to be instructive with a wink in the creation of the serious issue of technology will be easier and easier to understand, but we also play with other pulses… tension and curiosity for example “

Ford Fiesta

The Schmoll Roast TV ad:

“. The spot has worked sensationally 90 percent of people have said, the Fiesta can an SMS or message read was even more important for us.. We have seen a correlation to showroom traffic, we have sold more cars, especially in the relevant target group. younger and female customer There are even keychains now hot Schmoll roast why. we have the beginning of April the spot switched again. In logic it goes on. “

” The Schmoll Roast spot has worked sensationally. 90 percent of the people have said, the Fiesta can . a text message or message read was even more important for us: We sold more cars, especially in the relevant target group. younger and female customers “

Wolfgang Kopplin

commercial printing:

“Basically, we rely on a combination of Paid, Owned and Earned Media. We balance out constantly. As the many awards and prizes obtained are helpful and our young digital platform We use the services of deliberately not as a promotional tool, but as a dialogue and exchange opportunity, especially with the young and female audience. As for the advertising spending, so we will be back at the same level. However, we reserve the Shift in the Digital. Approximately one third of our budget flows in this channel. We believe in Digital and are in the process of refining our knowledge. “ I

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