Saturday, June 6, 2015

Internet via antenna – Südwestpresse

In addition to Telecom and Telenet has in Ulm increasingly the small business level 421 on its own infrastructure for the Internet: via radio – and with a new technology enhanced for private customers

. For slow Internet: This is mainly in the peripheral areas of the Twin Cities, their industrial zones and the surrounding region a problem. Satellite communications specialist Level 421 has discovered it for a gap in the market and finally tied the Milchwerke Schwaben in Schwaighofen and the sewage treatment plant Steinhäule.

CEO Markus skin is now using a new technology but increasingly on private customers that due to weak Internet connection can not download large multimedia files. The company in the Küfergasse used microcells as transmitter antennas to which the receiver is now no longer needs line of sight. With twelve planned locations of microcells one could cover the city area of ​​Ulm / Neu-Ulm. The microcells reflect the signal in many cases, so that each site can be reached. The receiver module can each build at home yourself

So far only had a technician the receiving antenna -. For example, on the balcony – position. With the new system the skin is now confident in the local market, it is the slogan: “. Always ten percent cheaper than the SWU Telenet” This can also be seen against the background that skin torpedoed a direct award of City hotspots to Telenet by the town hall with an appeal to the regional council.

From the perspective Hauts was originally good intentions with the Telenet a created urban monopolist now an obstacle to competition “in Ulm therefore precedes nothing.” There is increasing number of inquiries from companies that are struggling in marginal areas with poor Internet-care “. Our aim is to continue to bring the issue of Internet”

The tariffs for residential customers bear the label “Schwaben radio”. A speed of 32 megabits in download costs 30 euros, at 50 megabits is 40 Euro, especially in faster uploads it will be more expensive. Tariffs for operations with fixed bandwidth and high speeds up to 1 Gigabit can amount to several hundred euros per month. This connection runs over classic radio.

The new microcells are to Hauts words “acted like drugs” and are hard to get. At level 421 but a container has arrived, which is also used for installations in Africa, where the company connects remote locations such as mines in the Congo. There remain adequate supply of components for Ulm to Hauts words. You’ve invested a quarter of a million euros in the Ulmer infrastructure. Level 421 has a full provider license, soon with statutory data retention.

A new project is in Dornstadt where the software maker Colo 21 did not get the ordered speed of the Telekom because of how IT Chef André Probst says the SIM card of the mobile phone booster – amplifies the signal cables – could not be activated. He has ordered 100 megabits of skin, with converters on the roof of CNC Mack as a landlord. This also allows the environment to be covered up sky Weiler and Tomerdingen.

Second Location in Dubai

specialist Level 421 won with satellite Internet customers as abbot, Seeberger, Sparkasse Neu-Ulm and in sending innoWake. A second source of income is in Dubai. The company with 13 employees has been active in the Middle East for government agencies, oil, gas and mining sites. Skin: In Germany there are less than a handful of companies with the know-how. The demands on small providers are enormous.


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