Sunday, June 14, 2015

Porting of games: Nvidia takes technology from TransGaming – H

Image: Nvidia

The best-known part of the technology from TransGaming is based on Wine compatibility layer Cider, such as Guild Wars 2 can be cost-ported to OS X with Windows games. But also support iOS, steamos and – of particular interest for Nvidia -. Android

With the based on its own Tegra SoCs and Android devices, the Shield series Nvidia tries for quite some time even more on the gaming market to gain a foothold and off the graphics card business and has recently given the go-ahead for the new Android TV console Shield with powerful Tegra-X1-SoC, with a Maxwell-GPU 256 Shader and 16 texture units has.

A frequently used also in traditional consoles possibility to settle off the hardware from the competition, are exclusive games that link to other Android devices do not run and demonstrate the performance of the system. The Shield-exclusive versions Half-Life 2 and Portal Nvidia has already demonstrated in the past year that this is also available on the Android market one way.

Of the skills the programmers at TransGaming is expected to Nvidia have now convinced anyway. In early March the two companies announced their cooperation in porting Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on Nvidia Shield. As a base here also served the cross-platform technology from TransGaming that is far less expensive than a native port.

As part of the acquisition of Graphics and Portability Group are also employees switch to Nvidia. About 15 of them Nvidia’s first office in Canada will open in Toronto. It is the Nvidia GameWorks subordinated studio that deals with various graphics technologies and developer support with ready-made solutions, which, however, lack of opportunities for optimization run only suboptimal on graphics cards of the competition, as was recently the example The Witcher 3:. Wild Hunt has shown

are not affected by the takeover TransGaming’s software-only 3D render solution SwiftShader well as aligned to Smart TVs cloud gaming service GameTree TV. In addition, TransGaming will use in connection with the acquisition of preferred Nvidia Grid Partner and may Nvidia’s cloud gaming technology in future for GameTree TV.


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