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Fabian Roser: “Technology can never be an end in itself” – W & V – Advertise & Sell

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Fabian Roser: “. For many increasingly uninteresting, to engage in a digital world with how they annoy people best” © Photo: DDB

Fabian Roser responds to the criticism of Mediascale leaders Wolfgang Bscheid (“save Are you still?”) ​​ to the online creative. “Technology can be an inspiration, but never an end in itself,” writes the newly crowned creative director of DDB Hamburg in his reply to the Munich-based agency chief.

The Digital expert Roser has prior to joining DDB, among others, for Jung von Matt / next, OgilvyOne, Neue Digitale / Razorfish and Scholz & amp; Friends Interactive worked

Dear Bscheid,

You are quite right. Think Digital is a philosophy! . For the most creative but not a philosophy of technology, working methods or processes

creativity rather means rule breaking – and let Skyscraper, super banner and pre-roll ads everyday nunmal unwilling to. Given click-trough Council of 0,0x percent come to the view of many creative, I know that it is becoming increasingly uninteresting, to engage in a digital world with how I can best annoy people and pause in their actions , Whether Automated and targeted or not.

Interestingly, however, is the creative challenge of products, services and content to imagine that are an asset. This has nothing to do with denial, but with a different understanding of how our digital world works -. And respect for the needs of people who live in it

As a digital creative we are not a technology-objectors , Rather, it is part of our daily job to distinguish the trend from the hype and to use technology as a tool quite natural – because it makes sense, not because it comes. Technology can be an inspiration, but never an end in itself. And the innovation that comes from most digital media formats, is (unfortunately) mostly low. Therefore, many also preferred to go creative conferences in which it comes to content and not to media or pure technology. In the digital media can be most inspiration unfortunately often only draw that our consumers ignore the existing format, click away, close or skipping (as it did the creators of The Martin Agency with this “unskippable Ad” for Geico) .

So the (digital) creatives do not require rescue. Consumer and digital creative side are not troublemakers, but too often the Page Takeover! The key to success is to create content, on which it is first of all worth to talk. And that’s what we will continue to do so as a creative, regardless whether it is digital or classic. Let’s hope that there will soon be more media formats that also support this content – instead of interrupting only. Otherwise it is rather the media, the need on the way into the digital age of the rescue.

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