Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wirtschaftsverband wvib based technology advisory – Pforzheimer Zeitung

The Technology Advisory Board has set itself the goal to analyze new trends such as industry 4.0, e-mobility and new materials, says CEO Christoph Muenzer wvib. “It is about new opportunities in the global markets and the securing of 185 000 industrial jobs in the member companies of the Black Forest AG.” Due to its center of gravity location, the Association was officially the name Schwarzwald AG.

The tasks of the new Advisory Board is heard loud coin among other things that this meets three times per year and is drawing up specific proposals for the technological development of the SME sector in the region. The Schwarzwald AG assembles medium by its own account, family imprinted, export-oriented industrial companies in the Black Forest and beyond. From the room Nordschwarzwald include companies like Witzmann and Kramski (both Pforzheim) and OBE (Ispringen), Hermann ultrasound (Carlsbad), lard (Smooth) and EGO Elektro-Gerätebau (Oberderdingen) for association – just to name a few. In 1946 founded wvib around 1,000 manufacturing companies have joined, representing a turnover of about 37 billion euros. The association employs 44 full-time employees and operates in 14 counties.


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