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Cybercrime: “Digitization makes crime more effectively” – Business Week

Matthias Hohensee

Some steal corporate laptops to blackmail companies with their data, the other hack into networks and then take the control. The time networked world allows crime in a new dimension. FBI consultant and expert on Internet crime Marc Goodman about the future of the crime.

Marc Goodman covers his audience with a mixture of fascination and chills. Shivering, because the American author and expert describes for cybercrime as criminals digitization opens up opportunities to meet each one of us. Fascination, because it gives an insight into the world of darkness that would otherwise remain hidden and yet operate on much the same principles as the traditional corporate world. And: Goodmans portrayals are real. So real that American and international authorities seek advice from him about the future of the crime.

Wirtschaftswoche: Mr. Goodman, what surprised you in your research on the future of crime most

? Marc Goodman: We always talk so on organized crime. It is still amazing how well organized and modern this is actually, with clearly agreed responsibilities and the profits of offspring. I was also surprised at how quickly technologies be undermined, although its suppliers have invested millions in security. I am thinking of Apple’s iPhone fingerprint sensor. The hacked within a week

crimes. 4.0 – that’s possible

  • The efficiency of hackers

    About 75 percent of all computers can be hacked within minutes today

  • Facebook

    Every day, attacked 600,000 user accounts, as the company itself admitted in 2011. . A number that has since become rather increased

  • failures

    Nearly 90 percent of all small businesses, whose client list has been stolen must, out of business within three years.

  • manipulating GPS information

    By means of manipulated GPS signal lure gangsters trucks with goods or Luxury yachts in ambushes.

Do you see a new generation of gangsters, or are there old structures that use new technology?

Both. The primary business model of the narcos in Mexico remains the trafficking of drugs. But they use modern technologies to effektivieren it. About communication via encrypted emails or video conferencing systems, the use of drones to transport, new distribution channels on the Dark Web or modern manufacturing processes of drugs. Then we have a new type of criminals who use their knowledge of computer systems as a basis for crime. For example, the company Innovative Marketing, which was set up by Indian and Swedish founders in Kiev as a legitimate tech start-up, including research department and customer support. Only that its antivirus solutions in reality, the computer of the customer paralyzed. Against payment of a ransom the blockade has been canceled.

How much changed technology crime?

There are no longer the big corporations, governments or universities that have access to modern technologies. Whether it’s robotics, artificial intelligence, the printing of objects or powerful mobile apps, everyone can get involved there today. Similarly, criminals. You can set up a start-up with little means. Either to help people or to harm them aware

Chronicle:. The biggest data theft

  • April 2011

    The Japanese entertainment giant Sony reported the illegal spying multiple servers. It affects 77 million users who had registered on the platform of the game console ‘Playstation’.

  • January 2012

    Hackers sneak Access to computers of online clothing stores Zappos and steal 24 million customer records. . Zappos is a 100 percent subsidiary of the web department store Amazon

  • September 2013

    Vodafone indicates the theft of two million customers data in Germany. A hacker stole computers from the mobile phone company name, address and account information.

  • October 2013

    Hackers penetrate into databases of the US software manufacturer Adobe and steal lists with 152 million users data. . You could also encrypt stored passwords crack here

  • December 2013

    “9″ in databases of the US department store chain Target Hackers penetrate and steal 110 million customer data, including nearly 40 million credit and debit card information.

  • May 2014

    The database of the online auction house Ebay is tapped. . The hacker, who entered on stolen employee additions, come into possession of 145 million data, including passwords and other personal data

  • September 2014

    In the US DIY chain Home Depot hackers crack the security of payment systems. The credit card data of 56 million customers are spied on.

  • October 2014

    The US bank JP Morgan is the victim of a large-scale cyber attack. Data of 76 million private customers and seven million corporate clients fall into the hands of hackers. Were spied name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

How to use criminal-art technologies such as printing of objects in concrete terms?

The most prominent certainly the printing of weapons that can now produce any household without registration. Just as well you can quickly take pictures with the phone a key, send the image of an accomplice can print a copy of the key and go on a rampage. Although perhaps soon no longer is necessary.

What do you mean?

The systems networked cars are easy to manipulate. Soon it will be so, thanks to the intelligent home with your own four walls.

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