Tuesday, June 16, 2015

E-cars: Federal Government will promote technology with additional millions – German Economic News

The federal government also plans to appear in the next two years a total of 161 million euros put into developing the infrastructure for electric cars. By 2020, on the roads of Germany one million electric cars.

 A little bit of time to practice remains Angela Merkel yet. Nearly 24,000 electric cars there is only on Germany's roads (photo: dpa).

A little time to practice remains Angela Merkel. Nearly 24,000 electric cars there are only on Germany’s roads. (Photo: AP)

Between 2016 and 2018 flow EUR 161 million in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. In addition, the network will be expanded to hydrogen filling stations in the coming years. A spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation on Monday confirmed a report in the world.

Fuel cells are an alternative to battery, from hydrogen and oxygen stream is produced which drives the electric motor. By 2020, driving electric cars on German roads a million, but the expansion increased. This Monday begins in Berlin a major conference on the subject



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