Tuesday, June 30, 2015

“Technology Atlas” explained IT developments in trade – handelsjournal

Technological innovations changing modes of production, distribution channels and all business models – also commercially available. Here winning solutions such as Near Field Communication, mobile payment or self-checkout systems are becoming increasingly important.

Who wants to be technologically “up to date” in the trade, loses due to the rapid developments However easy track. Here the will drawn up by KPMG in cooperation with GS1 Germany, EHI and Bitkom create “Technology Atlas retail” Remedy. The free 88seitige work provides a comprehensive overview of the latest IT trends in trade and the various technological applications that are currently available for this sector are available.

All areas must have technical expertise include

digitization and networking, smart devices, the increasingly digital and mobile end users – all this has major implications for the strategies, business models and process chains of retail companies and requires flexibility the companies’ staff. IT departments will lose their monopoly position as technology experts, because today almost all functional areas must have technical expertise. Thus, marketers without a basic understanding of Big Data Analysis as little success as sales professionals, and retailers need to master different POS technologies to guarantee customers a seamless shopping experience at the Omni-Channel Commerce.

guidance on testing, selection and use of new trading technology

The various technologies of augmented reality on BLE up to XML are the technology-Atlas in the context of their applications and their functional and Mode of operation described. These include IT architectures, including cloud computing, Data Carrier, transaction and logistics technologies and authentication, in-store, marketing and data management technologies.

The Technology Atlas retail support especially those , in their work environment by the increasing digitization a basic knowledge of different technological applications has become necessary with background knowledge. It provides guidance in testing, selection and use of new trading technologies.

The publication is available at the link www.kpmg.de/technologie-atlas available for download.


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