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Contactless Technology Fast Pay by Mobile – Germany radio

Jan Tengeler: The IT industry association Bitkom has now presented a study showing that the Germans still have many concerns when it comes to contactless payments. A majority of the respondents would prefer coins and bills in the store. Only one in ten people use every now and then the mobile phone. Perhaps that will change now because with Aldi has since Tuesday a large German supermarket chain introduced NFC technology. When Aldi Nord so you need no cash; it comes with the smartphone. Shortly before this mission I have with Simeon Gentscheff spoken by the Stiftung Warentest in Berlin and asked him how this technology works exactly

Simeon Gentscheff:. The NFC technology, the Near Field Communication, is a contactless technology. That is, you need only the final card, the credit card that you hold against a terminal, maximum at a distance of ten centimeters, or smartphone you can also keep it. You have the map no longer be inserted as in the past

Tengeler:. must be somewhere enter a PIN number, etc.

? Gentscheff: The supposed advantage is to speed up the payment process. The customer holds the card or the smartphone only to the terminal and to 25 Euro No PIN must be entered. That is, the PIN entry is eliminated. This should save you time. About 25 euros the PIN is requested quite ordinary. The extent to which the end is saving time, you do not know exactly, because there are also problems on the part of consumers who may not know exactly where it holds out this card. Then the cashier must ultimately explain where this needs to be kept, and there may be lost course time.

No comprehensive protection against erroneous payment

Tengeler: and the fear of the fear that you might have directly yes, I need to enter a PIN, I walk with my smartphone, without that I would like it, so at a station past and there are times directly 25 euros charged by mistake. Can happen so what

Gentscheff: This should not happen under normal circumstances. The corresponding operators can be as’ll think of something. The distance is relatively close to ten centimeters. You can not pay with intervals of 30 to 50 centimeters and usually a consumer does not inadvertently in ten centimeters near the terminal. As you should already be immune to any erroneous payments

Tengeler:. What should I do then, so I on my smartphone or maybe my debit card again this extra have chip? Or I have to now anyway always quite normal and I know that might not

Gentscheff: When credit is it so that some already have this possibility. They are unlocked who these NFC code, for example, the MasterCard with the PayPass or Visa card with the VPay. This is already implemented on some credit cards. That is, some credit card holders can already pay without contact. Others may eventually their bank to ask if they can get an appropriate card, if you are interested. With smartphones, it is so that some smartphones are NFC-enabled. The newer models of Samsung and Apple are NFC-enabled. Some older models do not example. And when the phone is NFC-enabled, there must of course be configured accordingly. Will hot, it takes a certain app to pay at the end can

Tengeler:. NFC, Near Field Communication, but is also only a technology on the market. If I have understood correctly, the resonance is also so low, because there are different technologies. Is NFC because what will prevail now? Is that the one thing on which we then inject and can leave

Gentscheff: Apple, for example, has started in America with the NFC technology. It has integrated as standard in the mobile phones. In Germany you can pay with NFC also at Apple. This of course is also a great player. Many of the newer providers rely on this technology. Whether that will prevail is another paper

Aldi entered in NFC technology

Tengeler:. In addition, that they will prevail, can of course help that now with a large supermarket chain Aldi has entered there. You can now also pay with these NFC contactless at Aldi. If the all this technology give a boost

Gentscheff: This may well be that the process is accelerating somewhat, because up to the present time, relatively few pay points are equipped with this NFC technology. Of the approximately 500,000 payment outlets in Germany less than ten percent are equipped and for the functioning of the technology or of paying with your phone, it is very important that the consumer can buy in many places. Of course, with Aldi a great player is now entered in the technology and that is, there may be a certain amount of thrust. The question now, of course, Lidl moved to, or attract other providers to, and when many other vendors follow suit since, then it may be that it is really really work in the near future or in the next few years and that many consumers use this technology .

Tengeler: Pay by Mobile – at Aldi is now possible. What should we think of the contactless payment, over whom I have with Simeon Gentscheff – he is the expert for payments in the Stiftung Warentest in Berlin – speaking

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