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With technology create new brand experiences – Computer Week

When it comes to customer relationship management, seems to be the big data big magic word. White, a company that has the age of the customer, where he lives, or even what job he performs, if he is unmarried or has children, he can do deals all the way to the needs of customers. Suppose a company has all of these data and any service you every wish before you have expressed it. But if all previously is foreseen beforehand calculable fulfilled, your brand, your product, your service is primarily one thing: boring

Everyone is talking about long-term customer relationships, but relationships are not better if “your partner. “just makes wishes. Relationships live from mutual input. You will be better if your partner also requested from time to time. If you experience things that you would not have seen without your partner, if your life thanks to your partner becomes richer, more exciting, more interesting. Although

data can help to influence the lives of your clients precisely. But data can do much more. Data can improve your customer relations and raise to a new level.

Each brand operates in a client / brand eco-system

Let’s assume, you jog. They are not only a “Runner”, but a “Smart Runner”, a device which your pulse, the distance, the time, etc. measures. Suppose, you are sharing that information in a social network, so you allow, for example, To see your friends when you are gone where. Then you are a Smart Connected RUNNER. Now gehts los

Step 1: Your friends can “challengen”, ie You can make contests with them, for example, who faster, farther, more runs wins. And if you walk in the rain and then get “Cheers”, it is even more fun. Cloudy, rain is unpleasant, but it demands! Therefore, the feeling of happiness is then even better.

But this is only the beginning. Now comes … Level 2:

When you think of the ecosystem namely RUNNER now, all kinds of brands in your dates requesting SERVICES can derive. A tour operator can, for example, calculate that you would be on place YXZ the New York Marathon. He may ask you, but to run in New York. He can hold a customized offer for you for flight, hotel, insurance under his nose, and when he gets it right should fly Dare something you would otherwise possibly not done.

The same goes Of course with bolder outfits, radical diet, more exciting events.

It’s all about the challenge. Video games make perfect. There is always a higher level and you have to work really hard to achieve it!

brand promise are good for all, for no one good

Brands need to upgrade me. After I had contact with the brand, it has to feel better than before. This upgrade difference between before and after is the brand experience. The EXPERIENCE makes the value

The Challenge:. Each experience is individual. Target groups have no experience – just like countries or clubs have no experience. Only people who Experiences, and which are just different. For a roller coaster ride is super, the other hell. The better it is for some, the more terrible it is for others. The center, however, is slow for both. Go Kinderkarussell is rare epic.

So if you want to get out if your brand creates real EXPERIENCES, you not only wonder who likes this brand experience. Ask yourself also: for the one who is wrong? Whoever finds the stupid and how strong this aversion is pronounced? Brands that have real fans also real opponents.

The center is shrinking. Go to the edges!

Success Stories of Experiences

The Russian airline S7 did a great competition earlier this year. Customers could control with thought an airplane. Who reached his dream destination, was given a ticket.

The German beer ASTRA recently put a Face Recognition to specifically address women. A campaign idea that went around the world.

Both brands have created the experience through the use of cutting edge technology has. Marveled the technology itself, surprising. People stop, watched, photographed, sharing their experiences on social networks.


Because of gesharte content was an up-grade. Following the motto: “I’m cool I see great things..”

But both companies still put a plan: Both used the technique unpredictable! Astra uses Face Recognition is not the “core target group of males” to address. Astra had while the women in sight!

S7 took Brainwaves not to demonstrate how safe flying is. S7 showed that one can make dreams come true.

brands define themselves through the Experiences. But the Experiences makes the customer. Brands are the platform that enables the customer to be cooler than before.

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