Thursday, June 18, 2015

Antonov An-124 Ruslan: Boeing relies on Soviet technology – aero Telegraph

The Antonov An-124 was originally developed for the Soviet Army. Now Boeing is increasingly focusing on the huge plane. This is no accident.

She should once to transport large troops of the Red Army through the world. But as said the last Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev himself so aptly: “Whoever comes too late is punished by life.” That was true of the Antonov An-124. The end of the Soviet Union in late 1991, the main task of the huge transport plane in one fell swoop could be obsolete.

And so was The Antonov An-124 with the nickname for Ruslan workhorse for special transports. And on this expertise will now also put Boeing increased. The American manufacturer accepts the An-124 of the Russian cargo carrier Volga Dnepr on in its long-term logistics program. In other words, Boeing will be components of its airmen transported to the Soviet-four radiators regularly. Volga Dnepr flew from already so far and for the Americans. For example, engines were transported for the Boeing 777. But now this come about more often.

An-124 can carry up to 120 tons of cargo

Worldwide, today 37 An-124 in operation. After the Russian army with 12 copies Volga Dnepr is 10 pieces of the world’s largest operator. The An-124 Ruslan is 69 meters long and can carry up to 120 tons of cargo. Fully loaded, it can fly 4800 km far. A big advantage of the Soviet airman is that it can land on bad roads

This makes the An-124 into a successful product -. Just different than the Soviet designers imagined Ernest. Boeing receives for the services of Volga Dnepr the way back a bit. The Russians were ordered at the Paris Air Show 20 more 747-8F

An exciting documentary tells the story of the Antonov An-124th The commentary is indeed in Russian, but the images are all the more fascinating:


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