Thursday, June 25, 2015

Russia: New Technology to paralyze US spy satellites – German Economic News

Russia is going to develop a new system for the field of electronic warfare. The system is directed against precision weapons and satellite-based radio positioning systems.

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin wants equipping the Russian Armed Forces with new systems in order to prepare for the electronic warfare. (Photo: AP)

The Russian company Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET) developed a new system for electronic warfare, which is to be able to make cruise missiles and other precision weapons harmless, Tass quoted the deputy head of KRET, Juri Majewski. The new system is directed against strategic long-haul aircraft and foreign military satellites. In this context, it should be able to put enemy satellite radio location systems out of operation.

Earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in response to the US plans a permanent presence of NATO combat troops in Eastern Europe, the deployment of 40 ICBMs.

The NATO intends to double its rapid reaction force in Europe to 40,000. The action is seen as a “deterrent against Russia”.


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