Monday, June 22, 2015

1400 passengers stranded: Hackers attack Polish Airline – Business Week

by a hacker attack on the computer system of the Polish airline Lot on Sunday some 1,400 passengers been stuck at the Warsaw airport.

Hacker alarm at the Polish airline LOT: The airline canceled on Sunday about ten domestic and international flights, after the unknown had attacked her computer system. A spokesman for LOT said that hackers have temporarily paralyzed the computer society at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport. 1,400 Travelers who wanted to fly with LOT to Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Copenhagen and within Poland, had to remain on the ground.

This Cyber -risks it applies to defuse

  • Cyber ​​Crime

    Friedrich wants to warn citizens faster against risks and improve the exchange of information between companies on newly discovered attack strategies.

  • industrial espionage

    large corporations drive partly great effort, trade secrets against digital theft secure. . Smaller companies but often lack risk awareness, criticized the interior minister

  • Protection critical networks

    The National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure Protection is from 2009. It is intended to hedge electricity, water or telephone networks. . Its implementation drags

  • Data Retention

    Friedrich wants EU-compliant store telephone and Internet connection data six months. Federal Justice Minister Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger goes too far.

Notes on the identity of the hackers did not exist at first , The case was being investigated, said company spokesman Adrian Kubicki on. The computer system was its reportedly been repaired. Later departures could take place as planned, he said.


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