Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Google technology for diabetics Novartis wants “smart contact lens … – STERN

Google’s idea of ​​a “smart contact lens” for people with diabetes has made a big step towards the launch. The pharmaceutical giant Novartis receives a license to the technology. Thus, the specialized eye care subsidiary Alcon will be able to develop and market its own products, Novartis said.

The contact lens that measure blood sugar levels and warn of variations can, was developed with the Internet Group in the Research Division Google X. Google made the project of “smart lens” in January publicly. According to former information a sensor and a miniature radio chip integrated into the prototype between two layers. The lens Mass every second glucose levels in tear fluid. The data will then be transmitted to a smartphone app. The prototype has been tested in several clinical research studies.

chip and sensor are so tiny as Glitter particles and the antenna thinner than a human hair, it said. It will also be considered to include warning signs for micro LEDs directly into the lens. Developers restricted time but that it was still a long way to a finished product.

It was only the day before had become known that one of the leading developers, the researcher Babak Parviz, the online retailer Amazon changed is. He had demonstrated in 2009 how to provided contact lenses with LEDs.


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