Monday, June 29, 2015

Digital Cards: Uber Secures Microsoft technology – Handelsblatt

With new technology the dispatcher-broker Uber wants to improve its offer. Source: AFP


With advanced technology of the dispatcher-broker Uber wants to improve its offer.

(Photo: AFP)

Redmond Microsoft gets out the data collection on its own digital maps – and the dispatcher-broker Uber benefited. The controversial Startup gets selected technology, a data center as well as cameras and several patents, such as Microsoft on Monday (local time) confirmed among other things the “Wall Street Journal” and the technology blog “Recode”. The data for Microsoft’s Bing Maps will in future come from partners and are connected with the company to a finished product, it said.


US dispatcher : Uber-manager in Paris

The controversial dispatcher agent Uber makes in France again for headlines: Responsible the company should have been taken into custody. Recently, there were fierce protests against Ubers market power. More …

Uber were already rumored ambitions, the map service from Nokia to purchase, at the well German carmakers Audi, Daimler and BMW will be interested. The dispatcher-broker need cards for billing of rides on smartphones. In addition, Uber is researching self-propelled vehicles, these are dependent on high-precision maps.


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