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Sierra Wireless allows with device-to-cloud technology new … – OnVista (press release)

Arval, a leading European vehicle leasing providers, uses for the expansion of its networked vehicle management services to fleet operators, the embedded modules Airvantage® cloud and AirPrime® Sierra Wireless


Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW) today announced that Arval, a leading provider of full-service vehicle leasing, fleet management and usage-based insurance (UBI) has chosen owned by BNP Paribas build its new global telematics solution for device-to-cloud technology from Sierra Wireless.

The telematics solution of Arval uses the Airvantage® cloud service from Sierra Wireless, the Arval and its customers in a position to monitor the use of a vehicle using a telematics on-board unit (OBU) and manage. The OBU is about AirPrime® embedded Sierra Wireless modules to the wireless network connected. The service is aimed at fleet managers can track which helps mileage, fuel consumption, driver behavior and vehicle maintenance and use cost-saving UBI insurance models.

Arval opted for Sierra Wireless as the AirVantage cloud service faster development Enabled – the cloud platform with AirPrime embedded modules already exist and the connection to the application servers of third parties and its own Web applications of the company could be easily established. This aspect of the wireless integration and management was already covered and Arval could concentrate on the aspect of the solution that creates added value and the company apart from its competitors. In addition to that AirVantage is compatible with a variety of networked devices through support of standard protocols and Arval in a future expansion of the service offering to its customers therefore the future security in terms of compatibility can be assured with the addition of further devices and services.

“We were looking for a technology partner who would help us, our business and service offering to improve for our customers,” said Paul Gourlet, Technology Director at Arval. “Sierra Wireless has had the expertise and global reach that we needed. It provided us with a complete solution with extensive integration of devices and device data, the infrastructure of our mobile operator and our back-end IT systems. The solution has paved the way for the launch of our new service makes it extremely easy and will allow us in the future in the international implementation of a rapid adjustment to the required size. “

” As an industry leader Arval has a clear vision of the future, as the company with a networked service model can serve its customers better and optimize their core business, “said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions at Sierra Wireless. “This collaboration makes it clear that a device-to-cloud solution can accelerate the development of innovative solutions in the field of transportation and fleet management. But the model is not limited thereto and can be applied to many industries and applications. We ensure through integration already tested wireless connectivity and communication features that a company can concentrate on the aspect of the solution that is unique and tailored to its customers. “

The AirVantage Cloud is an integrated platform of services that enable companies to quickly create and deploy IoT solutions where devices, subscriptions and application data is managed worldwide via a single interface. With the data services provided by AirVantage to data streams can be collected safely, store and organize so that they are readily available for web and mobile applications, enterprise systems or analysis tools. AirVantage support clients in the management of large systems with dashboards and APIs to monitor the condition of installed machines in the field and at the update, this should be required.

For more information about AirVantage cloud, AirPrime wireless modules and the The company’s solutions in the field of transportation and fleet management can be found on the website of Sierra Wireless

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