Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Congress of the CDU Economic Council: Merkel urges Technology enemies: No … – ABC Online

Wednesday, 06.10.2015, 08:20 · by FOCUS Online correspondent Martina Fietz

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The digitization has the “German angst” once again tightened. Tapping, storage, heteronomy are subject headings, which the Germans bother. The Chancellor warned not to overdo it with the concerns. Instead, the economy is to force the issue.

How can we secure the prosperity of the country? This question drives Angela Merkel to. At the annual congress of the CDU Economic Council, the Chancellor urged to grasp the digitalization as a source of growth and not to demonize. “That whosoever looketh on data as a threat, can not benefit from the opportunities of digitization,” she said. “Big Data is not a threat, but the value-added way of the future.”

With skepticism Merkel can look at the economy. Some companies are well positioned. But she had “concern that in the width of the middle class, the depth of the change is not sufficiently recognized.” It is not enough to appoint an IT officer. The issue which is summarized under the heading Industry 4.0 would have to be driven by the management of a company from. The development will eventually have “serious consequences”. Digitalization will “increase pressure on the fragmentation of society” to

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Merkel criticized concern about new technologies

With their assessment Merkel indirectly criticized the run times of worry and skepticism debates on new technologies in this country. Europe can not detach when new jobs could be created by digital processes. “All is fair in the United States, which is not explicitly prohibited. In Europe, everything is forbidden that is not explicitly allowed “, she illustrated the different approaches in dealing with data. When it comes to the regulation of secure data-uses, should therefore not only the most restrictive solution come into consideration. “German industry should in the future not just a supplier to the customer needs to be,” warned Merkel.

Also in view of the planned free trade agreement with the United States warned the Chancellor before the negative debate. TTIP being discussed primarily as a risk. Here, certainly would offer opportunities to achieve even higher standards about the environmental and consumer protection. Finally, the agreement applies, not to fall below the previous standards.

Merkel calls for transparent structures

However, Merkel conceded a that the structures of the Agreement would have to be made more transparent. Until the end of 2015 but significant progress should be achieved by options. Because if TTIP ausbleibe, underwent other parts of the world the standards that need to be protected from the alleged agreement

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