Friday, June 26, 2015

BrainPort: With these glasses to see the blind on their tongue – ABC Online


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It is the revolution in the field of visual aids. The so-called BrainPort allows blind people to pass over the tongue images to the brain – and thus generate the notion of a surface.



The elevator button, safely cross a crosswalk or look in a museum images – these everyday things are possible for the blind. Peter Tucic is visually impaired since childhood – entering unknown rooms is difficult for him. But a new revolutionary technology now promises a remedy. “The BrainPort allows me much more aware of my surroundings – especially in combination with my auditory organ and the support from the walking stick. The technology has a lot of potential. “

The BrainPort V100 was developed over 12 years by the US National Eye Institute, the company Wicab and the University of Wisconsin. Its special function is to transmit images over the tongue to the brain. External impressions are captured on a video camera. These are then converted into electrical signals and distributed over more than 400 electrodes on a tongue leaflets. When electrical stimulation the information from there is finally transmitted to the brain – and created the idea of ​​a surface. The process can be controlled by a device – the device’s battery lasts three hours.

“The idea of ​​brainports is to replace defective sense,” says Michael Oberdorfer from the National Eye Institute. Man, it would allow the blind to develop the eyesight disorders and operate everyday activities and habits of safe and especially with better orientation. “In just the past decade, the technological evolution has made it possible that the BrainPort has become differentiated in its effectiveness both smaller and more compact than.” Is the task for the future is now, information that is obtained by BrainPort, make even more accessible, the neuroscientist Amiee Arnoldussen. The visual aid is currently still in the testing phase and still costs about 10,000 dollars. Can be in the future but climb mountains for the blind so it should be more than worth the money.

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