Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lichtfeldfotografie: Womit die Nutzer bei der Technologie zu rechnen haben – WinFuture

In the test of the light field camera Lytro Illum have the colleagues of ValueTech TV already touched upon, the special features of this new form of Photography brings. Now they explain again in more detail, what technology is in the cameras and thus the user has to be expected with this technique.

Basically, any of the tasks to which the photographer wants to do without while scanning the desired objects, additional information must be taken so that it later on the computer in the editing process still may play role. In practice this means: For a photo that later corresponds approximately to the equivalent of a 4-megapixel recording with a conventional DSLR to be reckoned with in excess of 100 megabytes per Datenmange image. This has its origin in the operation of the technology. For it is by no means so that here the sensor ado consecutively detected multiple image planes and the various focus points are calculated later by software. Rather, the sensor picks up information, which play no role in a film camera.
‘) The normal sensor receives from the optics itself directly purposed an image and then stores away, how much light falls on a certain pixel and in which color spectrum it is. Additionally, the sensor of a light field camera determines the angle of incidence of individual light beams, which is ultimately essential for determining whether objects are sharply focused or blurred with other scattered light to a blurred mass.

This information makes it possible with the present technology to extract from the raw material processing more ways than is possible with a normal sensor. What opportunities this technology thereby offers even, where we are heading and what the limits are of the currently feasible, learn it in the video.

Lytro Illum: Why the light field camera but not for amateurs is


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