Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Land Rover has a Range Rover Sport some new technologies … –

 About a Smartphone app allows the Range Rover Sportremotely maneuver through the terrain.

About a smartphone app allows the Range Rover Sport remotely maneuver through the terrain

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Per smartphone, the driver of the Range Rover Sport his model outside of the vehicle. Especially for the ride in the terrain will be a great help in my app the smartphone Fernbedieung. In a radius of 10 meters, the driver can difficult terrain in visually take and

his SUV specifically control over risky sections. But only if the car at the same time recognizes his keycard. As maximum speed climbs the Range Rover Sport then with 6.5 km / h through the terrain. As soon as the driver with his Remote too far or too close to the vehicle, the vehicle will stop automatically.

Range Rover Sport automatically apply

Another use of the Remote would, for example, the automatic unparking. For the future, thinks Land Rover

to also voice commands via headset.

Another innovation is testing Land Rover with the name “Multipoint Turn “. The vehicle automatically turns around 180 degrees – for example on a narrow street in several trains. Via sensors the surroundings of the vehicle is monitored. Obstacles and pedestrians are detected, the driver will also make suggestions for a safe turn the system. The system automatically performs the gear change by, brakes and accelerates automatically


Source: 2015 Motor-Presse Stuttgart

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