Monday, June 22, 2015

Qualcomm: hybrid autofocus technology promises rapid change in focus –

blurred photos are known to be anything but beautiful to look at. Using optical image stabilization can be countered with so many high end smartphones with the problem now, the autofocus technology in the mobile sector continues to evolve. Qualcomm has now presented a “hybrid autofocus”, which combines the current methods of phase detection and infrared autofocus with each other, with an even faster focus should be made possible.

smartphone users who want to spontaneously snap photos will appreciate a fast autofocus. Does the technology as desired, the unit automatically detects the primary abzulichtende object and accordingly provides the lens so that a sharp focus is achieved. However, this is not always easy; especially in difficult lighting conditions where the conventional contrast autofocus does not work reliably. In the mobile camera technology, there are already a number of other technologies to counter: About the laser autofocus of LG G3 and G4 LG or Samsung Galaxy S6 coming in to use Phase Detection Technology. Qualcomm now goes one step further and will be used in a new hybrid autofocus both technologies

In the above Perception Video This is clarified with a little clichéd Director:. The laser autofocus focuses the desired object using a conical laser beam that is reflected when hitting from the targeted object and sent back to the camera. By measuring the time taken, the smartphone can estimate the distance correctly and adjust accordingly the lens focus – and unlike the contrast autofocus regardless of the lighting conditions, but this only works for objects that are not too far away. During Phase Detection autofocus, however, the incident light is analyzed by two lying apart sensors and thereby determines the optimum lens position; tend to the phase detection autofocus is thus slightly faster than dieLaserlösung, however inferior in low light

 snapdragon hybrid autofocus 2

In theory, Qualcomm could have therefore the union of the two focus methods found a total of more powerful hybrid solution. The autofocus technologies are here not only as a supplement, but if necessary can even be used simultaneously. The Snapdragon 810 and Snapdragon 615 chip are described by According Qualcomm already able to support both technologies focus; whether a hybrid solution will be in the future to find in a smartphone, but depends ultimately from the device manufacturers from

Source:. Qualcomm via Android Authority

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