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Shipbuilding calls for maritime research technology –

Reinhard Lüken, General Manager the German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association in Hamburg. / Archives


“shipbuilding, shipping and offshore technology are future markets and are among the major global growth centers for the 21st century,” said Reinhard Lüken, chief executive of the Association of Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM), on Thursday in Hamburg. “The only question is whether we are or not.”


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Together with IG Metall has developed proposals for a new structure of research funding the association. Provided it is an increase in funding from federal and state governments.

For a variety of pots get the industry each year a total of around 74 million euros, Lüken said. The proposals boil down to double the research funding for maritime technologies of the next generation of 32 to 64 million euros and increase the promotion of innovation for the yards of 30 to 45 million euros.

"The global market since 2008 developed tremendously, but the German policy for shipbuilding and marine technology stands still ", Lüken said. "We want to leave." The maritime industry will not fully appreciated in Berlin and in the southern provinces as an innovative high-tech sector with great potential for the future.

This is a large part of the marine equipment industry in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia resident. So the relatively small amounts involved for the industry are explained. By comparison, the aerospace industry is promoted annually by the state with approximately 1.4 billion euros

But What matters is not only the amount of funding, but also the structure.. The industry calls for a central research institution for shipbuilding and marine technology, similar to the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

"The maritime industry is a sunrise industry of 100 000 employees," said Heino bathing by IG metal. But they produce - different from the aircraft industry - no series models, but individual solutions and unique. Each ship had a new project again. Accordingly, the promotion of small-scale should be organized faster and less bureaucratic.

The German Shipowners support the proposals of the shipbuilder and reported claims on their part. "In order to innovative technologies such as the clean liquid gas LNG to bring on board a breakthrough, the shipping companies need an effective support program, as long as the market does not reward the high costs," said Ralf Nagel from the Presidium of the German Shipowners' Association (VDR).

The associations run thus warm for the Maritime Conference in October in Bremerhaven. You then want to see the federal government results.

Common proposals of VSM and IG Metall Coastal


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