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Beacons – in German beacon – are small stations, which are increasingly in retail are used and are shopping, as it has been change. What trends do we expect? In future Beacons do with a smartphone shopping in the store as intelligent as cookies online shopping. However, there are also hurdles. The following three propositions are based on the findings of the Institute for Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the gettings-own studies and user experiences.

. 1 Beacons change offline purchase – how cookies have done already in the online trading

Cookies have made online shopping interesting. Through it users get real added value: for example, recommendations of products that are relevant to them or memories of a not yet purchased your shopping cart. With Beacons of POS together with the smartphone and the expected SmartWatch distribution becomes really digital. This upgraded to the retail sector and could be a similar smart shopping experience as online retailers offer. With increasing beacon number are ever more powerful applications possible. Because as soon as a real beacon network spans for example shopping centers, the buyer’s wishes and needs always more relevant services can be offered, depending on location. But that need to be considered: For 50 percent of Germans want to set, via which deals – for example, books, perfume or technology – they are informed.

. 2 One third of German retailer uses 2017 Beacons – when customers let

A study assumes that one third of the retail industry will be equipped in the US until the end of 2016 with beacons. In Germany gettings expected that this distribution could be achieved the end of 2017 in Germany

The effectiveness of the technology has in 2014 already showed the gettings pilot project in Dusseldorf. Coupons, played via Beacon technology on smartphone, increase store visits of consumers 23 percent. The investigation also showed that the duration of stay of Consumer extended at the POS when they receive a beacon message with Coupon: It increases by 31 percent – compared to visitors who did not receive any message.

However, the obstacles are still great: The technology must work even better and the range of the signal will be greater. In addition, the use of the important beacons technology Bluetooth low energy by the end user has to increase. Ultimately, the customer decides on the added value that it receives via beacons. So far, only 35 percent of Germans want to be informed about any offer, if they pass by a shop. With rising beacon density therefore could oversaturation of customers take place. There are in demand of trade and related services to develop creative applications for the shopping of the future and engage the consumer. This requires the corresponding functionality in the app you need. First she brings the digital shopping experience in the retail stores.

. 3 Beacons curate the purchase and increase sales in retail

The Beacon applications of tomorrow not only offer smart discounts to attract customers. They have the potential, in the future, the sales and advisory area to zoom in digitally, and relieve the sales staff at increasing sales. Two examples: When you visit a supermarket has an app automatically go to current offers on vegetable stand. But not only that: Matching recipes, with the correspondingly available at the store ingredients, offer help with the menu selection and advice on the further purchase. In fashion shop advises an app that fits more clothes for already discounted pants and where they can be found. The on Beacon technology possible future in-store navigation guides the purchaser through the store and an application curated purchasing and improves the shopping experience.


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