Friday, June 5, 2015

Bahn relies on the latest technology – New Nordhäuser newspaper

Friday, 05 June 2015 07:04 clock

In the area of ​​the station Wolkramshausen is currently being built. Hardworking are the workers employed therein and the contracted companies make use of the latest technologies. Only with the disposal, it does not work so well …

The pictures were taken this week. For clarification. In Figure 1 can be seen as excavation is taken up by an excavator between the tracks.

Then goes the “seemed ready ‘excavator around 150 meters, holds opposite a covered platform area (Figure 2). With a bold sweep of the excavator operator unloads ultimately the excavation of the countryside. He is then just disappeared. Conclusion: a cost-effective disposal of waste. Then the construction vehicle rolled back and the modern technology is continued (Figure 3).

This has puzzled many travelers, but maybe the train or the contractor can indeed enlighten. On the other side of the station in any case, the company operated (probably from Saxony Anhalt) yet a dusty process. Since the excavation is as loaded decades ago on a truck.

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