Monday, June 15, 2015

Broadband Internet: Brussels approves billions promotion for Germany – Wirtschaftswoche

Germany may invest three billion euros in the broadband expansion. The EU Commission has approved the state support for faster internet.

The European Commission has approved three billion euros for the state funding of high-speed internet in Germany. The plans for broadband expansion corresponded mainly to provisions for state aid, the Authority announced on Monday

Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager stated. “This aid scheme will bring faster broadband in the German regions where there is a lack of private investment. “State aid is actually banned in Europe because they could jeopardize competition between companies or sectors. The EU Commission can be classified as useful projects but approve.

In the case at private providers and communities can apply via an internet portal support for certain regions. Target are networks that enable a download speed of at least 30 megabits per second, in most cases, 50 megabits per second.

Countries with the fastest Internet in the world

  • To study

    The study examines the average speed of Internet data transfer rates in different countries in the 3rd quarter of 2014.. ‘/ p>

    The measurement is the data transfer rate in data units (Mbit – Megabit) per unit time (s – second)

    Source: Akamai /

  • 10th

    On 10th Singapore lies at an average data transfer rate of 12, . 2 Mbit / s

  • Place 9

    From Asia to Europe: Czechs surfing with 12.3 Mbit / s on the net.

  • No. 8

    A transmission speed of 13.4 Mbit / s on average, Latvians use

  • Place 7

    In Ireland, the average Internet access is 13.9 Mbit / s fast.

  • Place 6

    Place 6 occupy the Netherlands with 14 Mbit /s.

  • 5th

    The Swedes can about 14.1 Mbit / s happy

  • Place 4

    In Switzerland you are surfing with 14.5 Mbit / s.

  • Place 3

    Back to Asia: Japanese move . the net with an average of 15 Mbit / s

  • Place 2

    the internet is 16.3 Mbit / s fast in Hong Kong

  • # 1

    Leader in the ranking are the South Koreans: 25.3 Mbit / s data transfer rate is in South Korea undisputed No. 1 in the country with the fastest Internet ranking. Thus, the South Koreans are more than two and a half times as fast as the network go …

  • # 31

    … the Germans. In this country, the average speed of an Internet connection just 8.7 Mbit / s. Make way 31st

Remember, the European Commission only in so-called vectoring technology. This fiber optic cables are laid up to the gray cable distribution on the road, the last few meters to the apartments or houses run over copper cables.

But for would have numerous connections are bundled, which could then be operated by an operator, so the European Commission. Competitors would then have no physical access to connections of individual participants more. The required open access to the network is not guaranteed, so the technology could in government-sponsored projects not be used for the time being. Germany but announced a system that also competitors give unrestricted access to vectoring networks. This could then examine Brussels.


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